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    ReadSonic automatically turns your blog posts into audio without you spending a second on recording


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    Daniel Szpisjak

    Daniel's Blog

    "I listen to podcasts a lot, but never thought to have audio on my blog. Until I heard about ReadSonic. It literally took 5 minutes (from idea to production) to install it. It gives a nice flavor to the experience."


    Richard Kovacs

    Richard's Blog

    "I have been using ReadSonic for a few weeks now, and I love it! The first thing I do after writing a new blog post is to listen to it on my blog. It takes a single click."


    The Podcast Industry is Growing Every Year

    Blogging platforms like Medium, Substack, Hashnode and others already offer the option of listening to blog posts. It's time to elevate your blog too.

    Better Results

    45% of bloggers report better results after adding audio to their posts. It is time for you to join the group.

    More Listeners

    Almost 50% of people in the U.S. over 13 listen to spoken word audio content every day. Why miss out on them?

    More Accessible

    It's not just that more and more people prefer listening instead of reading. Some people don't even have the choice. You have the option to reach them too.

    It is time for you to also join the group

    Meet our Voices

    Click on Anyone You Resonate with

    We are constantly adding new AI voices to ReadSonic. Right now, you have six different options to choose from. Hear them below.

    And don't worry; you will soon have the option to use your own voice.


    Quality Features Every Blog Should Have

    • Effortless setup

      Adding audio to a blog shouldn’t take hours. With ReadSonic, you can do it in under 5 minutes.

    • Seamless Integration

      Designed exclusively for self-hosted blogs, ReadSonic integrates smoothly into your existing setup.

    • Unbranded audio

      Our no-watermark policy ensures your users will experience the highest quality audio they deserve.

    • Premium Voices

      Each of our six voices sounds extremely realistic. Your readers won't be able to tell apart generated from real.

    • Automatic Hosting

      We will host every generated audio file. You don't have to store anything yourself.

    • No Recording Needed

      Our plugin will automatically convert your posts to audio, without you having to record them.


    Integration with the Most Popular Platforms

    With more to come in the future

    Chances are, if you want to manage your blog, you are using WordPress. We've got you covered.

    In a world without enough time to read everything, ReadSonic offers a solution.

    WordPress Logo


    Are you a tech-savvy blogger working with Next.js? Then you will love the component we made for you.

    Install our module and add the ReadSonic button to your blog posts in seconds.

    Next.js Logo


    Finally, if your blog is built with a different platform not listed above, you can still use ReadSonic, although it will require slightly more work.

    In this case, you can utilize our simplified webhook API.



    You Only Pay for What You Use

    ReadSonic doesn't have a fixed pricing by default. You will only pay for how much you (and your readers) have used our platform.

    Since there is only one plan, it includes everything we have to offer.

    • Unlimited domains

    • Unlimited posts

    • 6 available voices

    • 50+ languages

    • We host your audio

    • No watermarks

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    For hobby bloggers with just a few posts and monthly visitors

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